Moll Children's Desk Lamps


Moll Desk Lamps

Natural, sufficient daylight is always preferable to artificial lighting. Therefore, it is recommended that the child’s desk is placed near a window. However, due to the layout of the room or late-night revisions, there may not be adequate lighting that will reach the child’s desk. Therefore, having an additional desk light of around 500 lux can be a necessity. The use of a desk lamp can relieve the stress from the children’s eyes. The Moll desk lighting complements natural light and ensures optimal illumination of the desk at all times. The Flexlight from Moll features glare-free LED lighting and brings optimum reading comfort. With a built-in USB connection, two devices can be charged without an additional power outlet. The clamp is suitable for a table thickness between 1.2-2.3 cm, making it possible to use the light on all Moll desks.