Moll Designer Swivel Chairs

Moll always surprises with its designer swivel chairs. The chairs stand out with their designs and captivate with their choice of colours.

The foundation of ergonomic seating is the correct adjustment of the chair. It is important that the seat height and depth can be properly adjusted individually to adapt to the user’s body shape and size. The ergonomic S6 and S9 chairs by Moll offer an adjustment range that can accommodate all sizes, whether it is to be used by a child or an adult. Moll’s primary focus for better health and ergonomics in the workplace is on the functions and adjustability as well as on the design. The unique and futuristic design of Moll has ensured recognition among design lovers. This is why the Moll S9 has been awarded the German Design Award.

The high-quality upholstery on the S9 enhances any room with its colourful visuals and soft touch. Eight colours are available and can be freely combined, offering limitless combinations.