Moll’s Stories

Everything about the ideas behind Moll.

Take your time and find out about ergonomics, the right product configuration and Moll’s philosophy. Learn how and where the furniture is used and what experts have to say about Moll furniture.

Find out why is movement is so important for children development when we interview ergonomics specialist Professor Dr. Breithecker.

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Fashion meets design: watch designer Ester Zahn on a creative weekend in Cologne with the Unique furniture range.

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The Moll Unique series in the recording studio in Cologne. Find out how Moll furniture is used in everyday life and how to use the furniture correctly.

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Moll Activates

Try not to let your child sit too long and stay active with some fun and healthy games by Moll Activates.

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The first day of school is at the door. What can parents do for their child to have a safe and ergonomic learning environment?

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