What type of extensions are available for the desk?

Nothing changes as fast as children. More often than not, their fast development affects the amount of space your child needs to carry out all of their tasks. The number of activities your child does at the desk also increases and multiplies. Everything they own and use needs a place. A computer or a small library may also be needed to do the homework.

Moll understands this and developed desks based on modular systems that grow with the requirements of your child in many different directions and dimensions.

Growth in width and depth

Only a few desks are able to grow with your child. The Moll children’s desk can increase in width, thus create more table surface space. How does it work? The matching extension expands the work surface; its intelligent grid system allows it to be height-adjusted separately from the tabletop.

In addition to the width, the Moll children’s desk can also grow in depth to accommodate rooms with a smaller width space. If space is required for a monitor, the tabletop with a Multi-Deck attachment is deep enough to provide sufficient space and, most importantly for optimal health benefits, ensure the distance of at least one arm’s length between the monitor and the user’s eyes.

Gain more workspace with the Moll kids’ desk

In addition to the width and the depth extensions, there are other attachments that can be retrofitted for different purposes. Moll has developed the Flex-Deck, a unique two-tier shelving system that attaches directly to the Moll desk to ensure that books and folders are always at arm’s length. It also includes a magnetic pinboard to attach notes.

Moll children desk depth expansions
Moll children desk height expansion
Moll children desk range of width expansions