What designs are available for children’s desks?

If you look at your child’s room, you will notice that it has a particular design and style. It can be seen as a kind of miniature colourful rendition of the entire apartment or – especially for smaller children – it can be a fascinating kingdom full of possibilities and imagination.

The Moll children’s desk fits into this ensemble with its design, from classic to modern, to help you find the right vibe and solution for the room.

The most beautiful ideas for the children’s room

The children’s needs change faster and in a more polarising way than adults. For this reason, children need a room and a desk which can be easily modified and adapted to the respective furnishings and needs.

The children’s desks by Moll blend perfectly and complement other furniture. Regardless of which of the different decorative colours you choose for the Moll children’s desk, it is always made of light-coloured or white wood and therefore it is unobtrusive and ready to take on all the changes without compromise.

The children’s desks by Moll are also modular, so they can be easily adapted and changed. The choice of decor colours for the Moll desk is an excellent match for most wallpapers, which are usually the starting point for designing the basic colours in a child’s room.

Flexibility is key

Nobody can predict how a child’s taste will develop. Therefore, it is important that the children’s desk is adaptable and flexible in design. After all, a new desk should not have to be purchased for every change.

Moll knows about this and has recognised that the furnishing options are more versatile today than ever before. The Moll product range therefore optimally adapts to every style.

Whether classic or modern, the furniture by Moll can be integrated into any home, so you can adapt the desk perfectly to other furniture, wallpaper design and even the flooring. The white décor is ideal for very modern facilities and also offers maximum flexibility.

Moll children desk range of width expansions
Moll children desk with classic design