What colours are available?

The children’s desk is not just for working and learning. The modern design of the Moll children’s desks is complemented by the different and varied colour options. But as parents know, trends change, over and over.

Moll has considered this and developed the colour elements so that they can be replaced. This makes the Moll children’s desk personal. It can be tailored to the child’s style and is thus in many ways, one of the most beautiful and important pieces of furniture in your child’s room.

Range of colours available for the Moll children desk
From decor colours to coloured side panels

The table top of the desk is made with a durable and eco-friendly melamine resin coating. As a result, the tabletops are not only very strong but also meet the highest health standards.

The design options are not limited to the different decor colours; the side panels can also be a different colour.

Depending on the table model, the number of colours may vary and, if your child’s taste changes, simply swap out the colours. This way, the accent elements can always be adapted to the current style or favourite colour.

The inclusion of all colour applications

The younger children are, the more colourful they like their items. When they grow up, their taste usually changes and leans towards certain colours. With Moll, all colour applications are included with the table. The number of colours can vary according to the table model.

In addition to the colour applications, you can choose between different tabletop colour options.

The decor colours of the Moll children’s desks are:

  • White
  • Maple
  • Oak

All decor colours create a happy, bright impression on your child and the room. The choice between the colour finishes can be based on the existing furnishings in your child’s room or even unfold as a deciding element.

This way, the Moll children’s desk is also a key element of the design of the room. Please note that not all decor colour are available for every desk model.

Children’s desk colour choices