Product Advice for Children’s Desks

Finding a desk for your child is not easy, with so many factors to think about. In addition to the looks, one of the most important aspects when choosing a children’s desk should be its ergonomics.

Ergonomics play a huge part in helping your child adopt and get accustomed to a healthy posture early on. In turn, a good posture helps reduce the risk of back aches and pains in the future.

Also, kids grow up surprisingly fast. Therefore, the desk will need to keep up with the child’s growth and maintain the correct working height.

Moll has thought about all of these points and other requirements. All of Moll’s children’s desks come with height adjustments so that the desk can grow with the children, from pre-school all the way to university. The tabletop can also be tilted so that the child can study in the most comfortable position.

All Moll’s kids desks come with a choice of colour decors so that they can complement the child’s room and are designed with great flexibility, allowing extensions to be retrofitted in the future.

To help you choose the best workplace setting for your child, here’s a product advisor to help you get an overview of the functionality and features of the Moll products.

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All of Moll’s products are developed and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality and standard. Moll has paid great attention in making sure all of the products are child-friendly to operate as well as guaranteeing the safety of its usage to minimize injuries from accidents.

All products have been tested by independent institutes and awarded the GS test mark, which recognises the safety and functionality of the products.

In keeping with Moll’s care and attention to the child’s health, the manufacturing process uses harmless and environmentally friendly materials, with the fabrics of the seat certified with the ÖKO TEX 100 seal.

You can always be sure of the quality of Moll products – guaranteed.