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Design For Life

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the right furniture that will stand the test of time can be a challenge. With decades of experience in the development of unique desk and workplace concepts, Moll develops systems that agelessly accompany the user, whilst still offering the utmost ergonomic comfort and support.

Furniture needs to seamlessly endure the test of time whilst still adapting to current trends. This is cleverly achieved through the use of modular and changeable elements. This is where the new Moll Unique home office series succeeds flawlessly.

All Moll desking furniture features interchangeable colour elements that can be varied as desired to suit the surrounding environment. The T7 home office desk with drawer is available in 7 different accent colours, perfectly matching the Moll C7 pedestal. Together with design, ergonomics also play an important role in the Moll Unique range. The Moll T7 desk covers a range of unparalleled height adjustment, all at the touch of a button. The Moll S9 and S6 swivel chairs also provide all the ergonomic comfort one needs, with individually adjustable seat height and depth.

Children’s dreams – great design for little ones

Childhood is a magical time – with so many great adventures to experience and limitless imagination, nothing encourages a child’s creativity more than a colourful environment. The Moll children’s desks adapt to their current requirements, provide easy adjustments, ample storage and valuable space for them to read, write and paint. The Moll children’s furniture is child-proof and has won numerous awards for their safety features and ergonomic design that will give the parents a sigh of relief.

Moll desks grow with the child, accompanying them from reception to college, and can be passed on to the next generation. Add to this the ergonomic Moll Maximo and Scooter chairs, the eye-friendly Moll Flexlight and you’ll have the perfect ergonomic workspace for children and young adults.

Holistic thinking about favourite learning places

Endless imagination and the ability to create their own world in their mind is what leaves us in awe of children. With almost 100 years of experience, it is safe to say that Moll understands this trait and always develops furniture from a child’s perspective. The goal is to build an ergonomic and advanced system while still preserving the child’s personality.

Through its research and development, Moll has perfected the combination of sustainable and environmentally friendly products with creative and healthy functions. This is why Moll manufactures award-winning furniture which combines height-adjustable tables, ergonomic swivel chairs and flexible lighting. This holistic approach creates the optimal environment for the body and transforms the learning area into the favourite place to be.

Which children’s desk is the right one?

If you are looking for innovative features and unique design, the Moll Champion will certainly meet your needs. The Moll Winner and Winner Compact are available in several specifications and will bring a sense of playfulness to a nursery. Completing the children’s desk range is the entry-level Joker desk.

Whether it is the Champion, Winner, Winner Compact or Joker, all of Moll’s kids’ desks are height adjustable with tilt functionality to adapt to the size and needs of the child. Regardless of whether you are looking for a table with a divided worktop, cable management tray or other features, every youngster will find their ideal product here.

Every desk model can be matched to other furniture that will also grow with the child: storage containers, mobile pedestals and swivel chairs.

Kids’ desks for all ages

In the child’s room, the Moll children’s desk plays a fundamental part which accompanies your child through their growing stages, from childhood all the way through their teenage years and helps support their activities. Whether they need a large surface to read, write and paint or a desk that provides ample storage space to store their stationery, the Moll kids’ desks always have the answer.

The Moll desk is all height adjustable, allowing you to adjust the correct height for your child. In addition to the height, the desktop can also be tilted for a healthier learning position.

More information on how to correctly set up the height for your children’s desk can be found in our product guide.

Adjustable in all dimensions

It may not look it, but Moll’s children desks are much more flexible than they appear to be. Aside from their functionality and ergonomic features, they can be expanded in every aspect. Available extensions such as the Side Top, Flex Deck and Multi Deck can add a different dimension to the table, while accessories like the Cable Butler, Orga Set or the Flexlight can be attached to create order to the desk. Along with the many decor colours and designs, the children’s desk can not only be integrated into any child’s room but also become a trendsetter.

The Moll mobile pedestals perfectly complement the children’s desk and provide plenty of storage space for organising and tidying the learning area.   Also, when needed, the portable drawers can quickly be converted into a stool when combined with the optional seat pad. The children’s chair by Moll is dedicated to providing healthier and more dynamic sitting.

Combine all this with the flexible and practical desk lamp that can also be used as a charging station and the learning station for your kid will appear complete.

All ingenious products

The Moll mobile pedestals perfectly complement the children’s range and are a popular choice that offers plenty of storage and organisational aid in the children’s room. Also, when it is not in use as a container, it can be simply transformed into a stool with the optional seat cushion.

The children’s desk chair by Moll is dedicated to ensuring your child is sitting at the desk ergonomically and promotes healthy dynamic seating.

The flexible and practical children desk lamp that can also be used as a charging station will always have a heart in the child’s room study area to ensure your children have a healthy light source.

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