What is the right size desk for my child?

The perfect dimension for all room sizes

A desk is the central piece of furniture in children’s rooms. However, most traditional desks only come in one size, making it difficult to accommodate certain room sizes. It is a place where the child spends most of their time playing, reading and studying. For this reasons, it is important to choose the right children’s desk. Moll has developed kids’ desks that will meet those requirements.

Maximum flexibility

Moll offers two sizes of children’s desks. The Moll Winner, Joker and Champion models have a table width of 120 cm and would be suitable for spacious rooms. For smaller rooms, the Moll Winner also comes in a “Compact” version which has a table width of 90 cm.

Children’s desks that grow with your child

Room conditions will change. The child will grow and will need a bigger room, which also means they will need more space for further studies. With Moll desks, the possibilities of increasing the size of the table are endless. All Moll children’s desks work on a modular system that allows freedom to install Moll extensions to provide the extra space and storage they need for their development.

Moll children desk with Standard size width
Moll children desk with compact size table width