How do I correctly set the height of the desk?

Höhenverstellung Kinderschreibtisch höhenverstellbar

We all pay attention to the small details when buying clothes, shoes and toys for our children; we look at the quality, the functionality and, most importantly, the right size. So why should we not pay the same attention when buying a children’s desk?

Your child grows – the kids’ desk too

Even when kids are the same age, they can all differ in height and grow at a different rate. Therefore, the children’s desk needs to match the constant growth and allow ease of use when adjusting the height. Another reason to choose an adjustable children’s desk is to expose them to correct seating posture at an early age so they will not feel any pains or discomfort in the future.

How should my child sit?

First of all, it is important that both feet are firmly on the ground, the hips and knees are bent at right angles (90 degrees) so that the thighs are horizontal and the lower legs form a vertical line. The elbows are bent at about 90 degrees so that the forearms can rest horizontally on the table top. The upper torso should be upright and the upper arms close to the body. An adaptable document holder when using books and writing increases the ergonomics in the child’s desk and prevents hunching the back, or “slouching”.

How does the Moll children’s desk help?

All Moll children’s desks have a height adjustment. The correct height of the children’s desk is the most important factor that will prevent your child from developing back pain, muscle tension and headache by sitting incorrectly. The adjustment of the correct height can be controlled easily and accurately with the measurements given on the frame.

All of Moll’s children desks also have an inclining tabletop function that allows the child to tilt the desktop to a comfortable reading and writing level, which also stops them from leaning forward and lets them remain in an ergonomic posture.

What is the correct height for the children’s desk?

To get a rough idea of what height the desk should be for your child, please use the table below:

HeightTable HeightSeat Height
119 cm53 cm28-32 cm
135 cm59 cm32-37 cm
151 cm66 cm38-42 cm

Something for everyone: the versatile possibilities of height adjustment

Moll offers two types of height adjustments: the standard “classic” adjustment, that relies on steps on the frame to secure the correct height or the patented “comfort” height adjustment. The Comfort height adjustment is the perfect ergonomic solution for children as it allows easy and synchronously step-free adjustment that even children can safely use. Also, when it is not in use, the yo-yo attachment can be removed and stowed away for safety until it is needed again.

Moll children desk with classic height adjustment
Moll children desk with comfort height adjustment